The CEOs or managers’ dilemma:

What do you do when a high-performing executive becomes high-maintenance and/or is just drifting?  If you or someone in your organization is frustrated with this challenge, let us help you throw him or her a lifeline!

Do you see any of these symptoms in your workplace?

Here are signs you may have a drifting / high-maintenance executive: 

  • They roll their eyes.
  • They are often labeled as arrogant or apathetic.
  • There is unproductive “watercooler” talk.
  • Others wonder if the team might be better off without the drifter.
  • Absenteeism, turnover, excusitis, stress, miscommunications, and poor morale become commonplace.

“Doug provided business coaching instruction to me at a crisis time in my career.  He helped to restore confidence in my personal approach to job-related difficulties.  He provided several tools for altering my office interactions.  He talked me through the successful transition in my personal approach to stressful and difficult workplace challenges.

These are the signs of trouble and degradation, but they may not be fatal to the workgroup if you take action; phone 904-705-4567 NOW.