“I can’t believe my company cared enough about me to give me a coach.”

About Doug Wilder, the founder:

For more than 22 years, Doug has been “saving” executives, employees, and partners, and grooming them for long-term success.  Of his 100 lifeline cases, only 13 were determined to be un-coachable, usually because they did not grab hold the lifeline.

In addition to these lifeline cases, hundreds of CEOs and managers have hired Doug for coaching for themselves.Wilder_Doug-1103

Doug Wilder’s purpose is to help people find and live their purpose.  He welcomes the challenge to discover the keys to each person’s success, and to inspire that person to unlock his or her potential.

He does this by getting people unstuck and out of their own way, working with them to determine their ideal future, developing strategies, and then encouraging and holding them accountable to fulfill their dreams.

While Doug has been a lifelong “listener,” he started coaching in 1993 after becoming a certified facilitator for the Stephen Covey “7 Habits” program.

When Doug is not listening to business executives, he is listening to his favorite jazz singer and wife of 45 years, Dot Wilder, or to their children or grandchild.

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